Monday, March 10, 2014

May It Be

The Children of Light

       As we learn that our reality is far to complex for either science or religion to explain, we begin to allow ourselves the freedom of believing in the All.  They from whom all creation was formed, we are able to dwell in all possibility knowing that we too are part of the light of creation and from us this light is emitted.

Matthew 5:15
You are the light of the world, A city set on a hill cannot be hidden; nor does anyone light a lamp and put it under a basket, but on the lamp stand and it gives light to all who are in the house.  Let your light shine...

        Jesus was limited in his interpretations of the messages he received through existing at a higher level of consciousness then those to whom he preached. This being the result of attempting to squeeze that understanding into the molds of Judaic beliefs he had imposed on him from birth.  But, if you are able to see the messages without said preconceived notions you are able to see the truth within them.

       As we learned from the previous post not all are born into this world as a child of light.  This is the unfortunate circumstance of being at a point in our conscious evolution were the physical form is still necessary for our continued growth and development.  This means dealing with the out comes of those vessels that on occasion malfunction.  Those of us who were fortunate enough to have arrived in this world whole, should bask in the light which we have received.  Life however, can sometime place burdens on us that cause that light to dim, though our diminished states do not have to become permanent. If you find yourself looking in the mirror wondering where the joyful, optimistic person you once were has gone, worry not for that person can only be oppressed but never destroyed.  There are steps one can take to recover themselves from the systematic abuse and fear tactics devised by our systems of control to keep you from realizing your full potential.

       The first step in this process is to remove yourself from the company of any empty containers you may be humoring in your life.  Trust me when I say; to them you are simply that a toy to humor them, a source of entertainment to amuse themselves with.  It takes courage to walk away from family and or friends who are a child of wroth, and they won't always make doing so easy.  Expect to be met with resistance from the darkness from which you are trying to escape for you have become a source of food, constantly feeding their need to diminish the light many of us are lucky enough to possess.  But, in order to finally let yourself free you must first free your self from these empty containers who drain you of your light, your life, your happiness.

       It is amazing once the first step has been achieved, how the weight of having been a victim to the darkness, will be lifted.  Now you can begin a new journey you will notice how the world is not as dark and miserable as they would have you believe.  You will begin to experience the joys of living that are only available to us the children of light.

       There may come a time when you discover that on this new journey you must first go back before you can once again travel forward.  We carry the burden of our pain, hurt feelings, and each experience that causes us hurt, disappointment every occurrence of betrayal and broken trust loads on our backs a weight which oppresses us from traveling freely.  If you can begin at the beginning, through the use of photo albums, the memories of worthy companions, and remember.  Remember who you were before the baggage of life began to hold you back.  and as you re-walk down the path of you life, at each point one of these hurts or disappointments pops up, sit down take it out of your bag lay it on the side of the road and say good by.
Depending on when you began to become oppressed this process may take some time and will not be a pleasant experience.  But believe me it is worth the effort, for when you emerge from the past and back into your present you will be much lighter, much more capable of walking freely through the joy's your future holds.


Sunday, March 9, 2014

The Children of Wroth

       We are shown through the book of Revelations how the bearded man is able to continue his manipulation of humanity so effectively.  Our reality is made up of equal opposites, when two opposing forces are in balance we experience times of peace and harmony.  When opposing forces become out of balance chaos abounds. We have already seen how the forces of Masculine and Feminine have been off set in our world but, we also have imbalance occurring within the opposing forces of Love and Hate or Good and Evil.
        There walks among the true children of earth vehicles that because of genetic malfunction, have been formed inadequately; it is to these we give the name Narcissistic and Sociopath.  In the book of Revelations we once again see the blending of science and bibliographic information.  In Revelations we learn of the  Mark of the Beast and how it is Set upon the forehead; through the advancement of Neurological Science we learn the truth of this statement.  As we begin to have a fuller understanding of the brain we discover the areas that are responsible for the various emotional and intellectual projection of our fuller self.  Within the frontal lobe (forehead) of the brain lies the region responsible for the projection of emotion, or our ability to relate to others through compassion and empathy.
        When conversations on the topic of our humanity arise and the question is posed what makes us human?  The typical response has always been that humans have the capacity for intelligence and reasoning.  However, as we stroll through the technological era we discover not only that we are not unique in our ability to use reasoning but that intelligence as a primarily human attribute is also questionable.  So a new understanding has began to arise in the minds of those asking these questions and that is that our being aware of our actions and having control over them is what separates us from the rest of the animal kingdom.  Not to promising a notion for the Narcissist/Sociopath who seeks inclusion into the human species; for they are in fact an empty container nothing more then a biological computer malfunctioning it's way through life.
        In order to have awareness and control over one's actions one must have a biological system that allows for said control.  In the case of humanity we are the evolutionary stage were our emotions act as that device by giving us a conscience.  It is through our conscience that we are able to judge right from wrong.  Because of the deficiency of the Narcissist/Sociopaths primary system of control these biological machines are unable to project a Conscience and therefor have no Consciousness = Awareness; and it is through these empty containers that Evil is able to manifest it's self on earth; they bear the mark of the beast.
         If you find yourself entangled in a relationship with one of these containers don't walk, run in the other direction, and do so with a guilt free heart.  Showing love and compassion towards your fellow human is always rewarded but, these containers are not part of humanity.  They have no soul or Consciousness and there for it is no crime to cause them harm any more then kicking the lawn mower that won't start.
      Within those of us that posses the light goodness will always abound.  Within the Narcissist/Sociopath lies a darkness no light could ever penetrate; our blindness and acceptance of their existence is what has off set the balance of Love and Hate in our world.  Learn to detect them then learn to protect yourself from them, and never allow their darkness to feed on your joy!

Dedicated to:
Kar-Bear, Senior Inadequate
Amazon, Spineless
And all the other empty containers I have had the unfortunate experience of encountering, may your paths of darkness be long and may you have the same injustices bestowed on you as you have so effortlessly bestowed upon others.  

The girl who didn't pull the trigger! 


The Son of MAN

      When the Jewish faith became a vessel for money changers within that system of control to increase their material standing, it only made sense to increase their empire.  Because the carefully crafted propaganda of that faith allowed only for people of the Jewish lineage to gain the Bearded Mans approval, they would need a vessel through which they could attract more sheep to their flock.  As it would happen, that opportunity presented himself at age 12 in a temple who's elders reportedly were amazed at his learning; this boy would later be remembered as the son of God by the Catholic church, but history remembers him as Jesus of Nazareth.  Though there is much discrepancy between biblical accounts and historical accounts of this mans life, most scholars agree that Jesus was a Jewish Rabbi from Galilee who preached his gospel orally.  He was baptized by John the Baptist, and crucified in Jerusalem on the orders of Roman Prefect Pontius Pilate.  His life and teachings would set the stage for the rise of one the largest and bloodiest religions in human history, Catholicism.
        After affirming his divinity as the only means by which the church would be accepted by the people it was to indoctrinate, the self proclaimed papacy set about destroying all gospels in circulation with the exception of those chosen to be Authentic during the Nicene Counsel.  It would be century's before some of the extra biblical texts of that time would be rediscovered in a cave around 1950, The Dead Sea Scrolls would add to our understanding the origins of Semitic based churches around the world.  Among the Scrolls were fragments of a text now referred to as The Book Of Enoch.
      The book of Enoch is believed to be the gospel of Noah's great grandfather who is also said to have been the first profit among men. The image he paints of the messiah is quite different from that to be found within any of the christian churches.

Chapter XLVIII

2. In that hour was this son of MAN invoked before the lord of spirits, and his name in the presence of the ancient of days.
3. Before the sun and the signs were created, before the stars of heaven were formed, his name was invoked in the presence of the lord of spirits.  A support shall he be for the righteous and the holy to lean upon, without falling; and he shall be the light of nations.
4. He shall be the hope of those whose hearts are troubled.  All, who dwell on earth, shall fall down and worship before him; shall bless and glorify him, and sing praises to the name of the Lord of spirits.
5. Therefor the elect and the Concealed one existed in his presence, before the world was created, and forever.

Chapter LXI

10. For from the beginning the son of MAN existed in secret, (he) whom the most high preserved in the presence of his power, and revealed to the elect.  
11. He (son of man) shall sow the congregation of  the saints, and of the elect; and all of the elect shall stand before him in that day.
12. All the Kings, princes, the exalted and those who rule over earth, shall fall down on their faces before him, and shall worship him.
13. They shall fix their hopes on this son of man, shall prey to him, and petition him for mercy.  
14.  Then shall the lord of spirits hasten to expel them from his presence.  Their faces shall be full of confusion, and their faces shall darkness cover.  The angels shall take them to punishment, that vengeance may be inflicted on those who have oppressed his children and his elect.  And they shall become an example to the saints and to his elect.  

       Here we once again see the malevolent character of the bearded man (Lord of Spirits).  First establishing a "lordship" over peoples of the middle east; then like an infectious plague spreading to the four corners of the world.  Just as we see in sociopathic and narcissistic abuse, he presents the people with a beacon of hope, then uses that hope to bring them crashing down; and thus reasserting his mechanism of control through fear.  

       The deprivation of our achieving the full potential of our being ends when people see the truths that are waiting to be discovered.  We have been taught to believe that any being that is empowered by the fears and misery of those weaker then them, is a being of Evil.  So why have we for millennium given power to a being who so clearly seeks to keep us down trodden, embittered, and fearful?   And why does said being keep us afraid, because in truth he has no legitimate claim of power over us...his keep us from realizing that fact.  

All that exists resonates from the light,
and the light resonates from all! 

Saturday, March 8, 2014

The Creation of Evolution

      When we kneel in subservient obedience within chapels built by men who have elevated themselves to the status of gods, we deny ourselves a fuller understanding of the truth.  We become blinded with the purposeful malice that lies in the hearts of those who falsely lead us to a god designed with those self same wicked hearts.   The lies have become so old and so repetitive that they have been ingrained into our conscious memory as truths. It is our belief in those lies that give them power over humanity.  But, for those who seek a higher understanding of our design all one must do is scan the pages of the book written with the purpose of enslaving us; The Holy Bible.  Within these pages exist severe contradictions to that which we are taught on Sundays in church.  We currently debate evolution vs. creation, when the truth is they are one in the same.
GENESIS 1:20  
And God said, Let the waters bring forth abundantly the moving creature that hath life,and fowl that may fly above the earth in the open firmament of heaven.

Scientific Theory:
Evidence shows that life probably began in the ocean at least 3.5 billion years ago.  Photosynthesis began more than 2.5 billion years ago—the Great Oxidation Event.  But it took hundreds of millions of years for enough oxygen to build up in the  atmosphere and ocean to support complex life. The first organisms were single- celled microbes. For nearly 2.3 billion years, life consisted of these alone. Then,  about 1.2 billion years ago, more complex multi-celled organisms evolved. Since then, life forms have grown much more diverse—though not continuously. The record reveals bursts of evolution and expansion interrupted by massive                 extinctions. Big changes happen through small steps over geologic time. We can trace the path of evolution in Earth’s rocks and fossils. 

        For thousands of years humanity walked with open eyes, seeing and understanding all that has for the last age, been hidden from us; the purpose of our design or life on earth. We are a being which possesses the dual aspect of Physical and Spiritual.  Because of this we walk on two levels of existence simultaneously.  We exist in the very physical aspect of reality with jobs, kids, bills etc. etc.; and we exist on a spiritual plane  that shows us the truth of our individual human nature, who we are and where we are in terms of our spiritual or conscious evolution.

      The design that allows for conscious (spiritual) evolution is one with the evolution of our physical vehicle.  The physical body allows for the development of our conscious being. Within many of the ancient non-Semitic belief systems, there exists not only the idea of reincarnation but also the idea that we are occasionally reincarnated into various other animal species. If we take both of these ideas and apply them to both of the above statements scientific and biblical, we can perhaps begin to have a fuller understanding of the divine design within which we are all walking.

      Just as a newly born infant must travel from immobile and helpless to an adult capable of managing their own lives, so too must each of our individual conscious being's make a journey.  From listless single cell organism in the depths of the ocean, to a fully aware dual aspect being who posses both knowledge and wisdom.  For as we learn in the bible through the story of the apple of knowledge, one can not simply arrive at having knowledge, but must make the journey to obtain it.

The Oppression of Our Conscious Evolution,

      Since the transformation of the bearded man into divine god, there have been earthly forces at work which seek to keep humanity imprisoned within their physical forms.  Surfs, peasants, sheep, slaves an entire population for them to lord over and dominate; Why ascend to places where you will become bottom feeders when you can be kings on earth?  In the book of Enoch it states beware the wolf in sheep's clothing standing in the troughs of knowledge neither eating there of nor allowing the flock to approach.

     Since Semitic (Jewish, Catholic, Christian, Muslim) systems of control began to dominate the world, there have been countless attempts made to insure the gene pool was "relieved" of the genetic material necessary to create vehicles that allowed for higher levels of consciousness.  Through fear and hate the earthly powers that be, have turned human against human time and time again to ensure that no "wicked" "evil" seed spread through the lower classes, for example:

Changeling Children 
       Only a child who was un-baptized was at risk of being stolen from it's cradle and replaced with a child of the Fae, or faerie child.  Through out western Europe this story abounded along with both the description of the Changeling Child's demeanor.  The child would be "advanced" in their understanding of the world. The remedy, tossing them into the fire at which point you would hear the demon they had been possessed with screaming.

Malleus Maleficarum 
The Witches Hammer:
 From the 13th century until the mid 19th people were persecuted imprisoned and often put to death for the practice of witch craft.  These persecutions extended to but were not limited to anyone who showed any singes of ESP they were seen to be in league with either the devil or faerie folk and there for a threat and put to death.

21st Century: 
Today as we begin to see an increase of children born to the "common classes" with exceptional intelligence and ability, we also see the rise of what may be the plot to wipe them out.  We increasingly hear through T.V, magazine, book and internet media "The Alien Agenda".  In our scientific era we have replaced daemons and faeries with The Alien Hybrid Programs.  Are we seeing another plot to ensure that people fear those who are capable of  extraordinary feats?  Using fear to ensure the common gene pool is kept inferior to the "Upper Classes"?

      We are each of us on a journey, through the process of physical evolution we grow ever closer to understanding the meaning behind that journey.  If we are to journey this road with our eyes wide open, we must do so with out the preconceived notions we have had bestowed upon us for generations. We must be free from the repetitive molding of our minds by those who seek to keep us on our knees looking down.  We must admit to ourselves and the world, I know nothing but seek to understand everything that is within my intellectual capacity to learn.  And we must do so free from the oppressive fear we have carried for so long.

What would the world reveal
if we had the courage to see?


Friday, March 7, 2014



A little more kindness, A little less creed,
A little more giving, a little less greed,
A little more smile, A little less frown,
A lot less kicking one when their down,
A little more WE, A little less I,
A little more laugh, A little less cry,
A little more flowers on the pathway of life,
And fewer on graves at the end of the strife.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Biblical Blindness

       We have been held in prisons of oppression and blindness for the length of our recorded memories.  And yet, whispering from times forgotten are themes of the golden days of old.  When earth, nature, and those who walked upon her shores did so in balance.  Harmony resonated from the world and humanity marched forward, one era to the next drinking in the progress of a society tempered with consciousness.

      Then there came a time when a shadow fell over the face of humanity; and in this darkness we have lingered ever since.  Tracing the steps back to how, when, and why this occurred is nearly impossible...nearly.  In the last few decades lost texts of days forgotten have began to surface; through the efforts of scholars these texts have been made available to the greater population but, we often see this knowledge through the clouded eyes of Christianity.  Squeezing this information into molds of thought we have from infancy had forced upon us; but, if we could view this information free from our preconceived notions about life, reality and it's greater purpose...what would these pages reveal.

Our Current Understanding...

     Though science has progressed to a point that refutes much of what was once held to be biblical "fact", there are still many who are willing to die for beliefs rooted in ancient Semitic systems of control.  Over half the worlds population falls into religious categories such as Christianity, Muslim or Judaism. These beliefs teach us that "men" hold dominion over all other life on earth, that each is "The ONE True Faith" and that all else is EVIL.
    For thousands of years men, women and children have been slaughtered in the name of the one true faith, each claiming to be doing the work of some bearded man floating omnisently through time and space on a throne of clouds.  So let us take a deeper look at the stories which teach us of this all powerful, all loving deity shall we...


      We are from the onset of biblical teachings taught of a supreme being who views humanity as a sinful and unworthy race. Whispering across the pages of ancient texts we learn of a fragmented history where once there existed a race ruled by a great king or "The Father".  And there came in their time a great war, Lucifer the angel of light, rose up against this mighty All Father with a host of rebel angels seeking to over throw the "Father".  Lucifer was unsuccessful in his quest and for this was cast into The Abyss or what we today think of as hell, this was the first fall of angels we hear spoken of.

      The second occurred when angels saw the daughters of man and that they were beautiful and therefor chose for them selves wife's; these angels were also cast into the abyss.  A third fall occurred when angels descended to the earth bringing knowledge to man such as the movement of the stars, writing and the cycle of the seasons.  These angel would also fall into the abyss for man was not created for such a purpose.

     There are of course those obedient angels who descend to earth from time to time doing "Gods" work.  We see these efforts in the story of The Tower of Babel; as the King James version of the Bible puts it:
4 And they said, Go to, let us build us a city and a tower, whose top may reach unto heaven; and let us make us a name, lest we be scattered abroad upon the face of the whole earth.
5 And the Lord came down to see the city and the tower, which the children of men builded.
6 And the Lord said, Behold, the people is one, and they have all one language; and this they begin to do: and now nothing will be restrained from them, which they have imagined to do.
7 Go to, let us go down, and there confound their language, that they may not understand one another's speech.
8 So the Lord scattered them abroad from thence upon the face of all the earth: and they left off to build the city.
9 Therefore is the name of it called Babel; because the Lord did there confound the language of all the earth: and from thence did the Lord scatter them abroad upon the face of all the earth.—Genesis 11:4–9[2]
Another example of "Gods" work can be seen in Sodom and Gamorrah.  In this story god rained fire onto the cities allowing only Lot and his family to escape for they were good in the lords eyes.  The part of this particular story most ignore is when Lot and his two daughter go to dwell in a cave where both daughters become pregnant by their father Lot.  Are we to believe our actions are not near so important as our obedience to gods law?
      While in the garden of Eden, when man and women eat of the fruit of knowledge of good and evil and their eyes become open they are banished; and the angel who showed them these things is forever more known as the serpent, the devil.  Time and time again we are shown that "God" is a wrathful deity who seeks to keep man subservient and ignorant.  Is it possible that we have for thousands of years been blinded by a faith that seeks to keep humanity from reaching their full potential?  Tricked into projecting our energies onto a bearded man and thus giving him power over us?  I say absolutely, and it is in this confusion that the equilibrium or balance of our existence has been over thrown.

Exploring the Image of the Bearded Man.

      I have often questioned where our idea of an all powerful being that looks human and whose actions prove to be human, comes from.  The Sumerians had images of bearded men who descended to earth from the heavens. Here we see an age long misinterpretation of "Heavens" as a reference to the heaven of the bible, early peoples spoke of the heavens often and were referring to space.  So we have one of the earliest civilizations on record lending us the knowledge of bearded "Space Men" coming to earth around 6000 years ago.

 Curious that Christians also claim the earths age to be approximately 6000 years old.  Can our fall into darkness be linked with the arrival of these bearded men?  When the "world" or more accurately our perception of the world , was made?

      Many religions since the age of the Sumerian Kings have paid homage to the bearded
man gods, Zeus, Poseidon, Odin, Thor.  In these early religions it was mans prayers that gave the gods their immortality.  Could there be truth to this idea?  Does consciousness have the power to elevate mortal beings to immortal status?

The Loss of Balance and Creation of the ONE God.
      From around 4000 AD until the creation of the Catholic church there were hosts of gods; but, also there were the goddesses balancing the masculine with the feminine, an idea that traces back to our ancients ancients.  Egyptians and later the peoples of  India and western Europe believed in the balance between the masculine and feminine aspects of reality.  This is not to be confused with male and female but rather the qualities which reside within these equal opposite aspects. The sacred feminine possessing the qualities of intuition, spirituality, art, visualization while the sacred masculine possesses logic, science, analytic and spatial.  In today's society we have lost this balance and it has been lost to the bearded man. Evolving from a belief system of many "Gods" and "Goddesses" to a single bearded man god standing over all of humanity.

       Judaism first brought us the idea of monotheism. Theirs is the belief that one masculine god created all that is. It is in their mythos that we see the one god as vengeful, jealous and destructive to humankind.  It is here that the belief of gods people vs everyone else is also born. With the birth of Christ we witness the birth of a second monotheistic church Catholicism.  It was during the Nicene Council that Christ received his divinity (decided by the members of that council) and becomes the savior of the other non-jew peoples of earth endowing them with forgiveness so they too can enter into the now "Kingdom" of heaven.  Several centuries later the birth of the third competitor for the bearded mans acceptance was born, we know them to day as Muslims.

      So now we can see in brief, how a group of bearded men from the stars 6000 years ago, were elevated to the status of God's and finally evolved into the one true and all powerful god that dominates today's spiritual belief systems. A system that is male dominated and seeks to keep it's followers on their knees, eyes cast down.

Indoctrination: A Play on Human Emotion.

      If you happen to be among the unfortunate children born to religious families, you are then probably all to familiar with the systematic emotional (and often physical) abuse that occurs with in these churches.  This abuse has been designed and is administered with purpose.  To keep people afraid and coming back for more.  In the Psychological community it would be equated with Narcissistic abuse, in the Military it is psychological warfare, in the every day community known as gaslighting;  in the church it is called faith.

     It is a simple and systematic process designed to create in someone absolute dependence.  It works by destroying the self confidence of the abused and replacing it with self doubt and fear.  The process begins with the weaving of one's self into the being of another through hope, love and trust, then abruptly yanking them selves out so the victim falls.  Once down the victim reaches for the hand of the person who briefly had lifted them up. This process continues, each time elevating the person six inches then knocking them down a foot.  In the church it is deployed by taking a young child, bringing them to what in their eyes seems a palace and there for equated with magic.  Then the systematic break down begins...YOU are a sinner, YOU are unworthy, YOU are evil, YOU are worthless...BUT if you follow these rules "GOD" will love you despite ALL your FAULTS.  IF you don't follow these rules you will die and go straight to hell, a place filled with fire and monsters.

     What kind of parent allows their child to be subject to an environment that puts these types of images into a child's head?  Easy, the parent who was subject to the same abuse themselves.  Blinded by the lies that have been holding our species in darkness for at least 6000 years.  Wake up, look up and know that you were created to be exactly who you were born being. Remembering who you were before the lies, the hate, the darkness took over and striving to become that person again is the first step to Awakening.

For further reading on psychological abuse read:






Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Every Heartbeat

When everything under the sun
Is blindingly clear
And all that we have become
Could someday disappear
When I am shaken
And I have lost my place
Don’t tell me I’m mistaken
Caught in fading days
When everything is said and done
We’ll hold each other near
And we can try to outrun
This love another year
But we’ll awaken
And we will find a way
Our hearts won’t be forsaken
Left in fading days
With every heartbeat
Keeping track
Of all the things we can’t take back
Oh I have tried, oh I have tried
Clear the air
Under new skies
For you I’ll try
A thousand times