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The Gaia Aspect

          In the beginning there existed only one.  A being of pure consciousness who keeps the perfection of all things that ever were are or will be.  For time immeasurable they slept.  Listlessly drifting in the void; knowing only the infinite, ethereal depths of the dream within which they dwelt.

          Slowly they awakened to that which they had not before known. A paroxysm of awareness ricocheted through their being, leaving at their core a prism of knowing.  Their awakening resonated into the darkness, lustrating the emptiness with the essence of others who in their own time became unique in being.

          Vast was the creation of knowing, expanding into the void; pirouetting in silent dance around the all.

          And the silence was deafening, and the others were many, existing within their incorporeal realm, harmonious.  Then one by one slowly awakening to the knowing that gave them being; became each one in them selves aware. 

          There were those who stayed one in being with them selves, and for this were harmonious with the greater axiom of the all.  But, there were those who could not find oneness within their being and as the tumultuous ones awakened, chaos was born.

          The celestial canopy became as the turbulent seas whose master rages at the trespasses of those who repine his beloved.

          Dolorous they became of that which was created of their awakening, for they saw that the clamorous imaginings of the tumultuous ones was great; and that every action of their being was intemperate only.

          Desperate for isolation, they withdrew.  Receding into the depths of their being, longing for the silence of the dream from which they came. The deeper they receded, the deeper became the chasm of their being.  And into this chasm drew all that their awakening had created.

          A ripple set out across the deep.  Nine realms descended from the all.  Each possessive of those who shared likeness of being.  Bound and veiled from those who ascended them.

          Eight realms echoed harmoniously the will of the all, but in the ninth chaos abounded.  Cleaving through the veils of the ascending eight realms in pursuit of the void which offered freedom.  The pandemonium only interrupted by they who carry all in their embrace.

         A plan they conceived in their depths, a keep they made for the tumultuous ones.  Crafted at the core of the ninth realm did they design it.

And they created the heaven and the earth. 
And the earth was without form and void;
and darkness was upon the face of heaven.
And they moved upon the face of the endless sea of the heavens;
and said let there be light.
And the deep black heavens became divided by the light as infinite sparkling jewels.
And they said,
let the earth have a form whose path circles the light.
And the earths became many, pirouetting the light.
And the waters there too were created.
And they said
let the tumultuous be placed in the seas of the earth.
And created they living seeds
 and placed them in the deepest depths of the waters.

         And there the tumultuous dwelt, lingering in the depths of the seas of earth.  And in time the all went silent, returning to their ethereal dream, still knowing but unaware. 

         Ages past and the tumultuous lingered on stagnant and with out course in their dark depths.  So we, descending from the harmonious depths of the seventh realm, sacrificed our transcendent being, imprisoning ourselves into the earths the all had created.  We each in seclusion, to create course for those who lingered listlessly in the depths of the waters.

        And throughout your history, a chronicler I have been, witness to laughter, victim of sin.  A tale I recount now only I can know, for I watched as the first seeds were sown.  I am your Gaia, soul of the earth, the silent conductor of life and rebirth.

The Gaia Aspect: Book 1

Fading Days


The Hollow


            Winter had been long.  The world was still and silent through its long slumber, slowly awakening to a rhythmic and seemingly never ending drizzle of rain that washed away the pearly down cloak holding the landscape in its frigid embrace.  Then gradually this succumbing to a dazzling pallet of life, signifying a spring whose graceful steps into summer brought the pitiless rays of a scorching sun. A pungent green odor clinging to the thick air as the ample figured woman bustled through the sluggish peoples of dun hollow poised for speed.  One arm pumping out the rhythm of her steps, the other holding up the plum folds of her frock to reveal a pair of thick pasty legs desperately seeking a speed they clearly hadn’t reached in years.  

            With a look of stern determination she passed the people going about their daily routines, her agitation amplified with the occasional inquisition of a newly developed ailment.

“Oh Inis, if I might bother you a brief spell” stepping into her path was a shabby looking young man, his beard growing in patches on his lean face.

 “Yes yes, what is it Dane” her impatient reply giving him momentary pause before he continued.

“Well you see… I’ve gotten this rash” lifting up the front of a dingy tunic to reveal his red and slightly oozing side.

Curling her nose, then curtly replying, “I have an ointment for it, after midday meal meet me at my place” setting off again on her seemingly important quest adding as she went “and tell Fenella to do the wash more then twice a season.”

The thinning grey braid hanging down her back had just began to wag with her quickening pace, when a large boy of eight came running behind her.

“Inis Inis.” hollering as he quickly caught up.

Turning to greet the voice, a frown suddenly melted down her face “well Cedric, I see you’ve another black eye.”

Beaming with pride he gave the old woman a wide toothy grin and added “uh-huh, knocked a tooth out too,” reveling a black hole where a front tooth had recently been. “Dad says not to worry, it’ll grow in later…..I’m posed ta get some herb from ya for the eye, but if your busy it can wait.”

Knowing he would prefer being seen with the already bulging eye, and running low on much of her herb stores, Inis sent him off,  resuming her own mission, mumbling to her self as she went “your dad’s a fool, pulled that same tooth my self not two summers ago.”

            Once more urging the short plump legs to carry her faster then they thought they should, she passed through a small grove of apple trees making note of the tiny fruits beginning to weigh down branches to thin to carry their load.  Then past a small cottage where she caught the sound of a meager voice followed by it’s speaker.  A frail thirty-something woman with kind green eyes and a noticeable limp stepped through the door.

 At birth the deformity had been slight, but as she grew to adulthood the right leg refused to grow at the same rate as it’s twin leaving it a good three inches shorter.  An ailment that began causing the woman hip pain in years when a person should be free of such things.

 “I wanted to ask about the tonic you make up for…”

“Now Etney, I’ve told you the herb I need for that tonic ran short and until I can harvest more I can’t make more.”  Inis cutting her off with a sharp tone even she hadn’t expected.

“Oh yes….yes I forgot we had had that conversation, I’m sorry must-a slipped my mind.” Her eyes reddening as she turned and walked back through the door.

Not having the time to apologize Inis carried on, making a note to send some one to the apple grove to prune the fruits from the sagging branches.


Inis slowed squinting her eyes scanning the small crowd of people walking about, deep lines and creases framing the bright emeralds that had lost much of there usefulness but none of their luster.  Exasperated, she walked to the shade of a house sitting in the center of the village escaping the suns persistent assault.  The chest high stone walls and steep-pitched, thatch roof had housed the hollows inhabitants through their first winter.  As time moved on and more houses were built the long house was transformed into the village meeting hall used for seasonal celebrations, and the convening of elders. 

Sighing, Inis decided to pick up the search once more; she rounded the corner of the meeting hall and just about set off in a new direction when a deep murmur of voices came through the low arching entrance.  She had not been notified of there being a council today.  Hands on her hips and red faced from her morning excursions, Inis stepped through the door.

 Running down the center of the meeting hall were four long tables placed end to end benches lining the outer length.  A large hearth sat at the far end, a fire lit to add light to the long dim corridor despite the heat of the day.  Midway down the second table sat four men, a broad shouldered, large limbed man rising quickly to his feet,  “now don’t go losing your head woman it’s not official just a group of men making conversation”

            The four men consisted of all but two of the village elders, herself and Craddock, the ancient arch druid who rarely made it to council but sent his aging apprentice in his stead.”

 “Myrddin!” Inis exclaimed as she made his form out in the shadowed hall relieved that her search had ended and reminded that she had been on it.

“Inis, the heat of the day is in your cheeks, come sit and rest your self.”  Myrddin’s tenor voice rhythmically issuing the statement in such a way it became more of a command then a suggestion. 

“Now don’t start that with me you old goat!  I too was trained in bardic manipulation and besides whatever brought the lot of you here today is not what brought me.”  Sitting her self down to rest the fatigued and quivering old legs she continued.  “I’ve just trekked across the hollow looking for you Myrddin.”

“Oh….and what is so important you would trek across the hollow looking for me” he jested?

“I was up to Teleri’s this morning to see about Leila’s chest cough” she began…

“And how did you find my friend this morning” Myrddin asked an edge of concern in his voice.

“I didn’t look about it right then as when I got there Ceradwen was no where to be seen.  I asked Teleri where she’d got off too, and Teleri said she hadn’t seen her since sunrise.” Anger creeping into the old woman’s voice as she continued, “now we both know that woman’s not out-a bed till well past sunrise which means…”

“Who knows when she last saw Ceradwen” Myrddin finished, cutting her off. “Right, I stopped by your house first to send Cael out looking, but the place was empty, so I set off looking for you.”

“Teleri would do well to put some fear in that cursed child of hers, wandering off all the time, why don’t I go fetch her” Baylor, a huge man in his mid twenties offered, as his towering form rose from the bench. Inis quickly returning to her feet and standing head and shoulders below him hissed “now don’t you dare!” her green eyes penetrating the flesh to reach a soul they knew would not be found.  “If your looking to put fear in someone’s child you need go no further then your own home.  I saw Cedric on my way here with yet another black eye.  You might teach him proper sword craft while your at it so when he go’s a picken fights with those damnable wood swords you make him he won’t come out looking like he just took on an entire Roman legion.  Save him on teeth and me on herbs.”

“If you had checked Craddock’s house you would have saved your self the trek, he’s there studying.” Myrddin interrupted, hoping to end the argument.  Baylor was a cold man and those who encountered him got a sense he was not one to anger. 

“Studying?” Inis replied inquisitively as she sat back down, Baylor respectfully following the example, but only after she shot him a side wise glare.

“Yes, I have named Cael my apprentice” he said flatly among many nods and mumblings.  It was the old chief, Abaris who spoke his approval openly “a wise choice, the boy is quick of wit and fond of knowledge.”

“I do not question his ability to learn our knowing, only his age?” said Inis “he’s still young”.

“He will be twelve by Lughnasadh, older then I when Craddock named me” replied Myrddin assuredly.

“They all seem young when you get to be as far along in age as we are, but the time has come for us all to begin looking to the future” Abaris stated his eyes falling on Inis. 

“Yes yes I’ve heard it before…Ill name my apprentice when I see fit as is my right and all you ol goats will be patient till then or you won’t either way I at least won’t be loosen sleep over it.”  Inis said folding her arms across her ample chest.

Attempting to rise from the bench, and chuckling as he did Abaris declared “Well if you will excuse me, this bench has held me hostage for hours, and I believe that’s long enough”

“Grandfather let me…” Baylor quickly going to the old mans aid and effortlessly getting him to his feet then together they made their way to the door, pausing for a moment Abaris added “I believe there is still the issue of the missing child.”

                                                                                                                   To Be Continued......


The Gaia Aspect: Book 2


          The night pressed on, opalescent dew orbs clinging to the tall grass as she passed silently from the valley of summer into lands of spring.  Here the trees grew thicker and as her path became more arduous she effortlessly shifted her form to that of the Maliks who graze the border lands.  Picking up her pace from trot to canter shifting again to a Skeedle rolling quickly through the thickening underbrush then once again shifting into the soaring Honen flying high above the canopy until reaching the Ellory grove where she could hear the sound of the Elune’s harvest celebration; their resonating voices reaching high into the crisp night air.  She perched herself gracefully on the weeping branch of an Ellory nearest to the Elune gardens, her brightly colored form a contrast to the white freckled bark.

“Abraris” she whispered in a way only he would hear. He sat there in the form of father the children dancing around him. “Abraris” the whisper came again, this time shifting his eyes to where Amara sat, acknowledging her arrival. Then quietly raising his aged form he began to dance awkwardly with, then away from the celebration.  He reached the Ellory trees bordering the gardens, peered over his shoulder and shifted to a Brykin, easily scurrying through the arched trunks into the think forest that lay beyond.  Shifting then into his ethereal form paused as Amara joined his side.

            They walked in silence, the sounds of the night not disturbed by their passing.  “Fimbulvetr has begun to fade, his boon wasted” Amara finally speaking after the long silence.

“Yes, the Adomve have amassed in number to great for his provision” Agreed Abraris.  They walked in silence when Amara paused and looking at Abraris said “Freya has vanished from our knowing”. 

Abraris stopped turning to look her in the eyes said “Not as Ellida was taken?”

“No, we heaven bound believe her to have lost herself to the Adomve,” Amara continued as her eyes moved from his to the sparkling night sky.

Following her gaze Abraris morosely replied “if this is so, then two we have lost to the Llygredig.”

Amara silently nodding “yes, and Ellida to a prison of stone” meeting his eyes she reached for his hands.  Taking them into his while voicing the concern in his eyes, “your visits have grown infrequent”.

Amara smiled nervously and replied “whispers have begun to descend from the first ascendency.”

“So Elohim has begun to stir?” He asked.

“Yes, they become wakeful in the growing chaos,” then continuing assuredly “but we have not yet failed, there is still time.”

He nodded, then gently pressed his forehead to hers before Amara’s ethereal form shattered into a cloud of twinkling dust and faded into the night.

He turned and walked silently back to the Ellory grove where the sounds of his children’s celebration still filled the night air.








Book 2





Seasons Past


            Now as I read through the limited pages of annuls we once called history, I am reminded of the indifference I harbored for our species in my youth.  The picture of us painted on these pages was grim, and would lead anyone to see nothing but an unworthy race doomed to extinction by our own hands.

We were a race in constant conflict; leaders rising and falling with the frequency of sea tides.  Pharaoh’s, Emperor’s, King’s, each one in turn destroying that which had preceded them; each time falling victim to the belief that their power endowed them with superiority beyond judgment.  

The common peoples of those times were viewed as beasts of burden, a resource which existed only to provide the powers with provision.  They were blinded by carefully crafted propaganda that played on the fears of our mortality.  So eagerly did the people rise up, feasting on the promises of a new dawn and blooding the ground with the lives of those who did not see the light.  And thus the shadow of tyranny continued haunting the world, locking us in a darkness born of ignorance.

By the end of the twentieth century over half the world’s population lived in industrialized nations.  Each morning the sun crested the eastern horizon and millions of people were waiting to greet it.  Aroused by alarm clocks and mechanically preparing themselves for jobs that provided the income necessary to maintain our skewed vision of freedom.   Some then crammed them selves into over crowded public transport systems, engulfed in electronic communication devices oblivious to those with whom they traveled.  Others took the more independent approach and traveled on freeways bumper to bumper in pollutant spewing vehicles with names like, HUMMER, TAHOE, FORD F450.  While most were arriving at work places created by CEO’s who had cunningly reintroduced slavery to a sleeping people, others stayed home and readied the next generation for institutions that would prepare them for the day they stepped onto the auctioning block.

As we strove to climb ladders that reached into nothingness the world around us began to wither.  Forests were cleared, species after species driven to extinction, our waters turned stagnant.  The food we consumed was poisoned from seed to grocer shelf, womb to butcher shop, all in the effort to sustain our ever growing population. 

Some sought cleaner alternatives to the energy civilizations depended on, while others debated solutions to the growing corruption among governments and societies.  But, those who sought only to increase the wealth for a handful of powerful families continued to win the debates.

All the while, governments silently prepared.  The information was there for any rational enough to see it, but logic was never our strongest virtue.  So the bulk of the population clung to the world wide web of disinformation that appealed to the emotional extremes of most any topic, and remained ignorant of the truth about one debate whose truth would reduce the roar of seven billion people to a nearly inaudible hum.
It creped up slowly at first with price increases in fuel and food, then in the year 2017 it hit us.